In a perfect world everything would be free, but delivering our courses and training sessions does incur costs and we cannot expect the church to subsidise us. We seek to cover our costs by levying a small fee for use of the Mancroft RInging Discovery Centre. Regular peal and quarter-peal ringers will, of course, already be used to this concept. we make the following charges –

  • A Quarter Peal attempt                                                                       £3.00 per rope

  • A Peal attempt                                                                                      £5.00 per rope

  • General ringing for a visiting band                                                   £20.00 from the group

  • Bell-handling lesson                                                                            £10.00 from the group

  • Group session receiving tuition                                                         £5.00 per person

  • Junior ringing                                                                                         £3.00 per person

  • Simulator practice                                                                                 £1.00 per half hour

  • Group practice                                                                                        £3.00 per person