Foundation Skills - ART Level 1-2


Hunt for it, - A different version of hide and seek

Plain Hunt will probably be the first time that you will have to move your bell at every change. It is the simplest form of change ringing but it will require you to learn and apply various new concepts, all at the same time:

  • You will have to remember a sequence of places – there is no conductor telling you which place to ring in, as happens in call or kaleidoscope changes.
  • it is important to know in which position in the change your bell is ringing, and helpful to be aware of which bell you are following (known as ropesight).
  • This may be the first time that you will need to adjust the speed of your bell at every stroke, moving at both handstroke and backstroke.
  • Unlike call changes, all the bells change position (place) in the row on each and every stroke, except when leading or lying when they ring two blows in the same place.

Richard and Simon


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