Lunchtime Learners - ART Levels 1 & 2 - The Right Place


Making places and a brief description of whats involved. We look at both short places & long places at this session.

You need to be able to control the bell to be able to position it in the right place in the change. You will have had to change the position of your bell in the change, which requires you to ring your bell at three different speeds. Changes of place (whether up or down) need to be crisp – you should aim to move exactly one place in the row on just the one stroke.

How to change the speed of your bell

Ringing call changes will have taught you how to move you bell up and down one place, which will be good practise for striking long and short places successfully. When these basic manoeuvres have been mastered, you will move on to dodging. To dodge successfully you need to be able to change the speed of your ringing at both handstroke and backstroke. At first we will tell you when to ring quicker or slower to strike your bell in the right place. However you will quickly learn to do this yourself by using your listening skills.

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